Original AC/DC lead singer Dave Evans performs the rock band's legendary "Highway to Hell" backed by a sizable Argentinian choir in a video that emerged earlier this month.

Embodying a giant karaoke session led by the AC/DC alum, per Classic Rock, the Nov. 3 video shows a live session organized by the Kennedy Choir, the signature singing troupe at John F. Kennedy Argentine University, with support from Chrystal Records, according to a report from Blabbermouth. The plan is for other choirs around the world to also contribute "Highway to Hell" vocals to the rendition.

Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

Evans was AC/DC's first lead singer before the late Bon Scott joined the band. Only the veteran Australian act's debut single, 1974's "Can I Sit Next to You, Girl" b/w "Rockin' in the Parlour," features Evans' singing contributions. The group later re-recorded "Can I Sit Next to You, Girl" with Scott. Today, Brian Johnson is AC/DC's longtime lead vocalist.

Five years ago, Evans commented on AC/DC's endurance. "I like the fact that the brand is still out there," he said in 2017. "That's all it is these days — it's just a brand. [Guitarist] Angus [Young] is the only original member left, and a lot of the others are all gone, too."

Last year, Evans added, "[AC/DC] were always ambitious when we first started. We always wanted to be the best in the world — all of us. And after me, Bon Scott got his chance. He did great with the band."

After his time in AC/DC, Evans fronted the rock band Rabbit in the '80s before venturing out on his own with a solo career. Last year, he released the bluesy solo number "Who's Gonna Rock Me?" Visit Evans' official website at daveevansrocks.com.

Dave Evans + Kennedy Choir, "Highway to Hell" (AC/DC Cover)

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