It's true.  I may have caught it.  I had heard rumors regarding it, but of course never believed in them. I feel like I am suddenly in an X-Files episode and suddenly realizing that it really is out there.  Yes, it's true.  Ink therapy is a thing and I think I may have the bug.

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When I arrived for my first visit with the artist, I admit I had some serious trepidation regarding getting a second tattoo.  Some of that had been set to the side after discovering the cream that is available with lidocaine.  At the same time, the feeling that this was the right thing to do was really nagging at me.  I had no idea who this guy was, and here we are ready to permanently put something on my skin.  Once I spoke with my artist, those fears were gone also.  (Note:  We'll be going over some tips when looking for your artist in a later article.)  This time arriving at the studio, those weren't there.  It was much more butterflies of anticipation.  Like those that I get before teeing off the first box in a tournament.  Like those that I get in looking forward to going on the air.  Just wanting to be in the chair was giving me "good" fear.  I am pretty sure this is one of the main symptoms to the addiction.

More symptoms that I seem to experience this time around?  I was really looking forward to it this time!  Counting down days on my phone calendar.  Other areas effected seem to be: so relaxed that I had to fight keeping from almost drifting off during the outline process; actually wanting someone to see you in the chair that maybe you know; not being able to wait to see the final product and continuing to look at the weirdest angles to get a peek.  Even the wait to get a photo to pass on to my wife, friends and you out there was getting to me.


Yep, it's confirmed.  I have it.  The ink bug.  My next appointment isn't for another month, and I am already sad that it isn't next week, or even sooner.  My new artistry is added below with my original gallery to continue to follow along on my journey.  Hit me up on the app or online and let me know what you think the next one will be.  Here's a hint:  it's another big part of my life that isn't in ink yet.  Thanks for reading and happy inking everyone!

A Tattoo Journey - From Poor Prison Style to Creative Fun - Updated

My journey of tattoo art. From a poor experience to catching the ink bug 15 years later with my wife.

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