It turns out that you aren't alone if you've been thinking it's been warmer at Walt Disney World during recent trips.

And no, we aren't just talking in relation to the heat wave that is hitting the country at the moment, or the typically hot and humid Orlando weather. Park guests have turned to Twitter to comment on the air conditioning situation inside the park.

Twitter user Chris White — who posts using the handle @ChrisWhitePE — posed this question in a tweet last week: "Is it just me or is Disney cutting costs by operating buildings at higher temperatures? Most buildings are noticeably warmer than previous visits."

Check out the tweet below:

White's message appeared to resonate with several other park guests who shared their own insights.

"My family has theorized this for the last few years," one Twitter user replied. "Noticeably warmer inside rides. Nome blasts of cold AC especially the rides that are open to the outside like Peter Pan. That's [money] flying right out the ride."

Another user said they noticed "a huge difference" when compared to previous visits. "We were there 5 wks ago and paid over $200 to eat at La Hacienda in Epcot with sweat rolling down our backs."

Others noted rides or attractions that were warmer. Someone even pointed out that the air conditioning within their hotel room couldn't be turned below a certain temperature.

White also noted that the temperature inside buildings throughout the park was inconsistent and went as far as to call some spots "actually too cold."

However, others called the claims into question.

"It's also much hotter right now in Florida this time of year than usual," someone tweeted. "All of our ACs are struggling to keep up!"

Another user pointed out that "most HVAC units can only do about 20 degrees difference." They added that it's tough to beat the heat and get to a cooler temp when the temperature outside is well into the 100s.

Check out some of the tweets below:

While White's message sparked a conversation about air conditioning in the Disney park, it's worth pointing out that guests have broached the topic on Twitter in the past.

"Its only 100 degrees out you think @WaltDisneyWorl would turn the air conditioning on," one Twitter user wrote in May. There were similar complaints in September and December 2021.

Check out the tweets below:

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