The dreaded sweet tooth.  Mine seems to have increased over the years as I have aged.  Chocolate is my bane no matter the time of year.  But when Halloween rolls around for the season, there are some certain candies that just hit the spot.  Or don't as the case may be.  Let's head to the polls and see what the world wide web has to say first before diving into my favorites.

While there is in no way a shortage of polls, ratings and more, most of them all agree about the favorites across America and even the not so favorites.  Amazingly, according to the Forbes article, Montana most enjoys gum.  Double Bubble gum to be exact.  If they only polled grandfathers and dentists, I see how it would make the top.  However, around the studio that was never mentioned when I asked.

In the article, and with data backed up by, while each state may have a favorite, the overall data says that Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are the solid winner when it comes to Halloween for sales.  Rounding out the top 3, Skittle and M&M's are the next big ones.  For favorite overall, Reese's wins it again, with M&M's coming in second.

For the worst?  That list gets a little more complicated.  Coming in at #3 on it is Peanut Butter Kisses followed at #2 with Circus Peanuts.  As for #1?  You probably already have this one figured out.  Yes, candy corn.  But really it falls into a serious brawl when either side tries to talk with the other about it.

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What made our list at the studio?  I hit up coworkers and came up with the Top 5 in the building, and they hang pretty true to the list from above.  Check out the gallery below and see if your favorites made it.  Hit us up with the app or on social media to let us know what your favorites are when it comes to Halloween.  Happy sweet tooth!

The Totally Legit But Totally Unscientific Halloween Candy Poll

I polled a few coworkers to see what the favorite candy for Halloween is for them. It was all good until the fight broke out over candy corn. None were severely injured, except for a bruised ego or two. Might need to watch my lunches in the break room fridge for the next couple of weeks though.

Want to know what America is diving into for their favorites?  Check out our next gallery for a complete list!

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