Down Fido!

The United States Postal Service seems like one of the few government agencies with no enemies, our dogs may disagree.

Dog about to attack
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Every year, hundreds of mailmen are chased and attacked by man's best friend, which is why they've made their misery into a competition.

USPS Dog Bite National Rankings

In the past year, more than 5,800 dog attacks were reported against Postal Service carriers. Dogs love to protect their turf, and usually see postal workers as threats to that.

An angry dog
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In order to raise awareness of this problem, the USPS has begun creating an end-of-year ranking on dog attacks by city and state. The 2023 list has just been unveiled, and luckily, Arizona is nowhere to be seen.

Los Angeles, Houston, and Chicago are the three cities with the most dog bites, while California, Texas, and Ohio are the states with the most.

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Help Your Local Mail Carrier

Mail carrier delivers
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While Arizona may not have cracked the top 10 it's still important to keep your mail carrier safe. While it seems harmless, a dog bite on a mail carrier can cost an owner thousands in medical bills, lost wages, or uniform replacements.

In order to prevent harm from coming to your friendly neighborhood postal worker, make sure to keep your dog indoors, behind a fence, or on a leash when the mail carrier comes around.

A Dalmatian holding a leash
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While it may seem like a problem only seen in cartoons, dog attacks on mail carriers are a massive issue, and you should take every precaution possible to help our postal service brothers and sisters.


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