Geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunt you do with your phone. No matter where you go, there is probably a Geocache nearby, in every city, in every country around the world. Discover a trackable # below in the pictures:

Catalina State Park has a lot of Geocaches in the park. There is a Seven Dollar entry fee. The Geocaches are gadget caches, and this means they are a puzzle or games with electronic components. There are no pictures of these here because this is considered a "Spoiler" in the Geocache community. There is one that has a Morse code as the puzzle; it flashes a Morse code that is the number combination to the attached lock to open the Geocache. There is one with an 8-bit guy running at clocks, and you have to make him jump over the blocks 50 times. There are several geocaches like this in the park.

The park has beautiful scenery with hiking trails, and there are bike trails and horse trails.

What is Geocaching?

Using your phone’s GPS, you can look for hidden Geocaches that other users have hidden.  There is a difficulty scale of one to five. One is easy; you can probably find it within minutes. Five is difficult and could take a long time to find its hiding spot. There is also a terrain scale of one to five. One is wheelchair accessible, and five need special equipment like climbing gear or a boat. As you probably figured out by now, you can combine the difficulty with terrain to make combinations like one difficulty with a five terrain or the hardest, five difficulties with five terrains. However, the biggest number of Geocaches are usually a two-two.

The containers can vary as well and play into the difficulty. A one-one could be a plastic bottle under a pile of rocks near a trail. A five-container could be a secret container inside a fake brick in a wall. The size of containers can vary; a small magnet hidden on the back of a street sign or ammo can be out in the desert.

You can sign up for your free Geocaching account here

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Photo Credit Grady Butler CANVA
Photo Credit Grady Butler


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