Imagine this: The 2024 presidential election is almost upon us. You plan to vote for the incumbent, Joe Biden, but days before voting opens you receive a call. The voice on the other end is President Biden, telling you that he has dropped out of the race last minute, and asks you not to vote for him.

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What Are Deep Fakes?

Deep Fakes are a form of A.I. that allows for voice and even image recreation. Using this, you are able to make anyone publicly known to say whatever you want.

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They are used for various, dubious means, but one of the most prevalent is in politics. Opponents of a candidate may use deep-fake technology to spread misinformation about their competitor or actively sabotage their chances at an office.

What is Arizona Doing About It?

With the rise of this technology coming during an election year, especially after the heavily contested 2020 election, it makes sense that both parties are terrified of serious election interference occurring.

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There are multiple bills in progress in the Arizona Senate that would effectively ruin any chance of Deep fakes causing serious trouble, whether by heavy sentences for offenders or by making a disclaimer a legal requirement to post A.I.-aided messages.

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Will This Affect the Election?

It is very unlikely that, at least in Arizona, this issue will interfere with the 2024 elections. The Senate has been nothing but supportive of these bills in the hopes that their jobs stay protected.

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Nationally, however, there has been little in the way of A.I. legislation, and if not taken care of soon, could wreak havoc on the average American voter.

If you'd like to see more legislation passed like this on the national level, contact your local representative and let them know your thoughts on the issue.

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