A woman on Reddit was devastated after her boyfriend took her out to dinner at a fancy restaurant only to fake-propose to her.

She and her boyfriend, Andrew, had been together in a "healthy and stable relationship" for five years — that is, until he pulled a cruel prank on her in public.

"Andrew has always been a 'prankster' and makes jokes with me all the time, and I do it to him too, but today he took it way too far. In the morning he woke me up at 7AM and told me to wake up because he wanted to take me to the spa. I was pretty surprised 'cause it wasn't a special day or anything, but I was all in for it," the woman began.

"At the spa he told me how he wanted to go to a fancy restaurant after we were done at the spa, and that he was paying. Of course I agreed as we hadn't been out together in a long time," she continued on Reddit.

That night at the restaurant, they had a "beautiful and romantic dinner" and talked about moving in together and their future in general.

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"After around 40 minutes Andrew stood up and got on his knees and took out a box out of his pocket ... my heart stopped beating, I hadn't even predicted this. We have never talked about proposals before but I also thought it was a great time now. He did a speech about how I was the most beautiful girl in the world and how he wanted to live with me forever and ended with 'will you marry me my princess?' Of course I said yes!" she detailed.

But it was only a matter of seconds before her "excitement turned into horror."

"He opened the small box I expected he put the ring in and in it was a note saying 'you've been pranked!!!' and Andrew started laughing hysterically. He continued with 'Baby this was just a prank! I'm not ready at all to marry you yet!' He was leaning in to hug me but I gave him the biggest slap ever with tears streaming down my face," she explained, adding that she told him they were "over," breaking up with him on the spot.

"I am now sitting in my bed crying and writing this and I don't know what to do. He's been texting and calling me but I haven't responded because I feel so sad, betrayed and mostly angry. I thought this was going to be one of the best days of my life," she sadly concluded.

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Users in the comments tried to comfort the woman, with many slamming her now ex-boyfriend for taking his prank too far.

"Old boy took it too far. It's hard to come back from that sort of disrespect. I think you would be best not seeing him anymore. He lied to you and tricked you, now he can deal with the fallout," one person wrote.

"He easily could’ve just made it a really nice day that included a restaurant and spa day along with a romantic speech. So many opportunities to just stop before taking it too far," another commented.

"Don’t waste your time on him for another second. Go to therapy and get counseling to heal from that relationship and move on. If you guys had been together for [five] years and he does something like that while stating that he’s nowhere near ready to get married, then you’re better off with someone else. Don’t waste another [five] years of your life wondering if he’ll be ready then 'cause chances are he won’t," someone else weighed in.

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