If you're being pulled over by a police officer in Arizona, odds are you have at least a rough idea why.

Maybe you were speeding or handling your cell phone, and the officer noticed. Every now and then, a police officer may pull you over for something that isn't obvious to you, like a taillight that's out or something related to vehicle safety.

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Getting pulled over by police can cause a lot of anxiety. Stay calm and be polite. Credit: Canva

No matter the reason, getting pulled over by the police causes anxiety. If you feel your heart rate elevate, take some deep breaths and read on.

Do I Have to Roll My Window Down When I Get Pulled Over?

If you've been pulled over by a police officer, you're going to have to communicate, so you'll need to roll your window down in order to do that.

Arizona's Coolidge Law Firm explains,

If you get pulled over in Arizona, do you have to roll your window down? Credit: Canva

"If it’s a legitimate stop, yes [you have to roll your window down].

You do have to comply with orders, even if you’ve done nothing wrong.  While you do have to roll down your window for a police officer in this scenario, you don’t have to roll it down all the way. You can crack the window and slip your license and registration through the gap."

You're also within your right to politely ask the officer to see his or her badge.

But I Wasn't Speeding

If you get pulled over but you know you've been doing the speed limit and you're not driving erratically, it's possible you may have a taillight out, or some other safety issue with your vehicle.

Sometimes the reason you're being pulled over isn't obvious. You may have a taillight out. Credit: Canva

I once had a friend who got pulled over because her license plate had faded so much the officer couldn't read it. She got a fix-it ticket with directions to get the plate replaced.

What to Do If You Get Pulled Over in Arizona

  1. Keep your hands on the steering wheel.
  2. Stay calm and say as little as possible but be polite.
  3. Hand your driver's license to the officer when they ask for it.
  4. Wait until the officer directs you to provide your registration and proof of insurance.

Coolidge Law Firm has some additional tips.

Follow instructions if you are pulled over by police in Arizona. Credit: Canva

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